Shadow Casters is a network of several custom made urban projects united by similar methods, principles and visions in a specific creative exploration of different cities of the world. Each city is a territory to be read and re-mapped (re-semantisized) by an international SC crew that joins professionals from various fields - from arts & architecture to music & science - and of different generations, in order to conceive an interactive multi-facetted and multi-centered performance voyage/research.

srijeda, 16. studenoga 2005.


Short History of Shadow Caster project
Conceived by Boris Bakal as urban hyper-textual treasure-hunt project already in 1998 for the New York (as Orchestra Stolpnik production) and inspired by Paul Austers work, Shadow Casters has been first launched in Zagreb, Croatia, with its first phase in July 2001, as part of International Urban Festival. It was followed by the first phase in Bologna, Italy, in December 2001, within the International Festival of Urban Arts and New Media Hunting Season, then in Graz, Austria (Forum Stadtpark - preparations & video work - April 2002); Ljubljana, Slovenia (Exodos Festival, May 2002) and Belgrade, Serbia (REX-B92Cultural Center & CENPI, September 2002). Shadow Casters Zagreb Phase II took place again within the frame of Urban Festival in the summer of 2002 (June/July). In July 2003, Shadow Casters was launched in New York, in co-production with Dancing in the Streets in association with The Kitchen and Columbia University and in May and June 2006 in Pisa (Costellazione, Ipse Dixit – Shadow Casters Pisa) was devised and performed as a final even of the EU project dedicated to Galileo Galillei – Sidereus Nuncius.

So far, more then 50 artists and professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, UK and USA participated in the making of Shadow Casters.